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How To Trace A Money Order

A money order is a simple way of exchanging money that functions similarly to a personal check. Once the money order is filled out and paid for, it can be transferred to another person to be cashed. Like checks, money orders can be, and many times are, sent through the mail. If the money order never arrives at its destination, however, you will likely want to know what happened to it. Luckily, organizations that provide money orders also provide services to trace those money order to determine their status. However, the usefulness and fees of these services vary between issuers and depend on whether or not you have your original receipt.
Method 1. Tracing A Money Order With A Receipt

Be sure that you have the proper receipt. In order to track your money order, you'll have to have the correct receipt; that is, you'll need the one with the serial number or receipt number of the money order on it. For USPS money orders, this will be the stub on the side of the order. For Western Union orders, this will be the bottom portion.
  • Some resellers (convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.) may provide you with an additional receipt that does not show the required numbers. This is not the receipt that you need.

Know who to contact. You will need to contact the issuer of the money order. This is the service that actually processes the order, usually your bank, the US Postal Service, or another money-sending service like MoneyGram or Western Union. The name of the issuer will also appear on the money order and receipt. You should not contact the reseller of your money order, which could be any convenience store, supermarket, or other store where your money order was purchased.

Follow the status of the money order online. Some issuers allow you to track the money order online for free using the serial number. The USPS, for example, has a convenient tracking site that you can use to check the status of your money order and see if it has been lost or stolen.
  • Most issuers do not offer online tracking. If it is unclear if you can do so, or how you can do so,contact the seller to see if it is possible.

Call the money order issuer. You can find a customer service number on the receipt or stub for the money order. If for some reason the number is illegible or missing, you can easily the find contact information for the issuer on their website. All that you will have to do when you call is tell the representative that you need to trace the money order and provide them with the serial number or receipt for the your order.
  • The representative will only be able to tell you if the money order has been cashed or if it is outstanding, and will not be able to tell you it's location.
Complete the necessary paperwork. If you believe your money order is lost or stolen, you will have to fill out the proper type of form and mail it in to trace your money order.
  • For USPS money orders, visit a USPS location and ask for a PS From 6401 Money Order Inquiry. You will need a valid photo ID and a fee of $6.10 to issue the request. From there, USPS will trace your money order and it will appear on the lost money order list on the USPS website if it is indeed lost or stolen.
  • For Western Union or MoneyGram orders, take the receipt to the agent that you bought the money order from. After you fill out the required paperwork and pay a fee ($15 for Western Union), the service will trace the money order for you. For some tracing requests, this may take up to 8 weeks

File for replacement or compensation if the money order is lost or stolen.Depending on the issuer and the materials you can provide, this can be either an easy or a time-consuming process.
  • Western Union has a variety of applications for compensation available to customers, and you must select the appropriate form depending on which materials you have (serial number and receipt, for example).If the money order has not been cashed, Western Union will either refund your money or replace the money order.
  • For MoneyGram money orders, expect that, if the money order has not been cashed, the full amount will be refunded to you within 30 to 65 days of filing the correct paperwork. If the money order has been cashed, though, you will only receive a photocopy of the cashed money order

How To Mail Packages Faster

Why is it that some packages take weeks for the US Postal Service to deliver, while others arrive across the country in just a few days? The place of origin and the destination make a big difference in the delivery time, but there are a few easy things you can do as a sender that will help get your packages there faster.


(i) Use a sturdy box (or envelope) with packing or strapping tape on all the seams.If the envelope or box opens in transit, the Post Office will need to reassemble it, and it will take a lot longer.

(ii) Print your return address and the recipient's address.

(iii) Use the 9-digit ZIP Code. Go to USPS.com (http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp) and look up the recipient's address. The 9-digit ZIP specifies the exact address to which you are shipping, and can speed up the delivery time even if you use the less expensive mailing methods, such as Media Mail.

(iv) Cover the address with clear packing tape. That way, the address won't smear if it gets wet.

(v) Determine shipping speed. Find out how fast the various methods are estimated to arrive. Talk to a post office clerk about the shipping speeds and choose the option that meets your time and budget needs. Depending on what you are mailing, you could have the choice of Media Mail (for books and media, but don't add any personal notes or cards); Parcel Post (generally not enough of a savings to make it worth the long delivery time); First Class; Priority Mail; or Express Mail.

(vi) Get a Post Office mailing label.
  • Don't use stamps alone. Ask the Post Office clerk to print a postage label. If you want to put colorful postage stamps on the package, don't put the full amount of postage needed. If you did use enough stamps, the clerk can still print a label with no value; the bar-coded label will help route the package quicker.
  • If you go to a larger Post Office, they may have an automated kiosk where you enter the information into the computer and then use your credit or debit card to pay. Follow the instructions on the screen to purchase a postage label; then put the addressed and postage-paid package into the bin.
(vii) What's the drop-off deadline? Find out when the mail is picked up from your Post Office and keep that time in mind when you need to mail a package; in larger towns, other Post Office outlets may have later pick-up times. If your little neighborhood post office collects the mail at 5 pm, the big Post Office downtown may pick it up as at 6 pm, and it may be worth a drive downtown depending on how soon you need the package to arrive.

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